SQRL Sweeps XRW Competition in Florida

Jonathan Bizilia reports from the 2023 XRW competition in Florida.Lucas Nickolich and myself decided to host a competition at Skydive Deland December 1-3, 2023. Bob Hallet, the owner of Skydive Deland, generously offered $3,000 cash in prize money. 1st place team would be awarded $1,500, second place $1,000, and third place $500.

The top 3 out of 5 teams flew Squirrel suits. 1st place was Lucas Nickolich and Jonathan Bizilia (Freak 4). 2nd place Luca Ferreira and Ryan Blunk (Creature). 3rd place Kyle Stubbs and Dane Klippel (Creature).

We were stoked on how the competition turned out, had a lot of fun, and learned a lot. As a wingsuiter, most are focused on high speed and performance. Our end goal is to have XRW as a discipline in USPA Nationals, and hopefully one day Worlds.

Jonathan Bizilia @jonathanbizilia
Pics: Autumn Royer - @candid.vibes.photography