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For Alpine Missions

  • Lightest Weight 7 Cell
  • Lowest Pack Volume 7 Cell
  • Responsive Handling
  • Excellent Flare
  • Forgiving Deep Brake Flight

The IBEX.UL is designed for jumping in the mountains. It is ideal for slider up applications where weight and pack volume are a primary concern.

Taking the profile from the HAYDUKE, the IBEX.UL is efficient and proven. The excellent glide performance is thanks to the clean leading edge and Spectra (UHMWPE) lines. The handling is responsive, and it is forgiving in deep brakes with a low stall speed even at higher wing-loading. It has all the flare you need for high-altitude, technical landings.

The IBEX.UL is 100% CAD-to-Laser produced, and precision built in Squirrel's own production facility. Each parachute is hand-inspected by Martin Tilley of Asylum Designs.

Size [PIA] (ft2) Area Flat (m2) Recommended Wingloading Mid-Range Exit Weight* (lbs/kg) Upper-Range Exit Weight* (lbs/kg) Canopy Weight (lbs/kg) Load Test (kg)
190 17.65 0.70 - 0.79 142/64 150/68 5.51/2.5 145
200 18.58 0.70 - 0.79 149/67 158/72 5.73/2.6 145
210 19.51 0.70 - 0.79 156/71 166/75 5.95/2.7 145
220 20.44 0.70 - 0.79 164/75 174/79 6.17/2.8 145
230 21.37 0.70 - 0.79 171/78 182/83 6.39/2.9 145
240 22.3 0.70 - 0.79 179/81 190/86 6.83/3.1 145
250 23.23 0.70 - 0.79 186/85 198/90 7.05/3.2 145
260 24.15 0.70 - 0.79 194/88 205/93 7.28/3.3 145
270 25.08 0.70 - 0.79 201/91 213/97 7.5/3.4 145
280 26 0.70 - 0.79 209/95 221/101 7.72/3.5 145
290 26.94 0.70 - 0.79 216/98 229/104 7.94/3.6 145

* Exit Weight = Jumper + All Equipment. If you are unsure of your Exit Weight, you can add 18lbs/8kg to your naked weight as an estimate.

  • "I am super impressed with the IBEX UL. The first jumps were some of the best on-heading openings I’ve ever had, and then tons of flare power at the end. Perfect canopy! I felt right at home, like my IBEX. (Brandon is jumping the 230, loaded at 0.72)."

    -Brandon Mikesell
  • "I don't usually chime in here, but as a longtime user of ultralight parachutes, I have to. The IBEX UL has the most progressive and well-tempered slider-up openings of any canopy I have jumped. The flare is plenty and overall it feels very precise and responsive. My preferred size is 230, which I load at 0.80."

    -Matt G
  • "This is the canopy I have been waiting for! It's an easy transition between this and my Hayduke and packs down to nothing. I was blown away by how tiny 250 square feet looks in my CXUL. The glide and flare are awesome but it still feels great in deep brakes. So far all on-headings with smooth yet quick openings on both the Corvid and Sumo2. This will be my canopy of choice for 95% of all my wingsuit jumps."

    -Daniel Ristow
  • "This equipment is chosen by Fred Fugen & Vince Reffet, the SoulFlyers / Jet Man Team https://www.soulflyers.com/en/"

    -The SoulFlyers / Jet Man Team
  • "It’s pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Couldn't be happier with it really. Went a little smaller than my other two canopies, and I enjoy the responsiveness and opening characteristics. Took me a jump or two to adjust my deployment speed to match the lighter canopy and spectra lines. Got about 40 jumps on it now and the openings have been super consistent. I've actually started using this rig for the majority of my jumps now, even Moab/AZ/Wasatch stuff. I actually prefer this type of canopy for "technical"-ish landing areas as I like the amount of control and range I have. Plus the flare is the best I've experienced with any base canopy when you build a little speed on landing. I'm tempted to replace my other WS specific setup with another one of these seeing as whenever they are both packed I always grab the CXUL/Ibex now. The fact that it's also 2lbs lighter is also a huge factor."

    -Will Mitchell
  • "What an awesome canopy! The openings are well staged, progressive, and comfortable with great heading performance. The rear riser response is quick and tempered. The toggle controls feel intuitive and the control stroke provides authority through its entire range - there is no wasted movement. The flare has tons of stopping power, even without developing speed first. If you do decide to use front risers, the landings are exciting and fun! I’m very happy with this canopy and look forward to flying it more! (1 : 0.75 wing loading)"

    -Dan Darby
  • "Awesome canopy and rig! I have a few jumps on this UL setup now and loving every aspect of it. The openings are positive and predictable. The rig is comfy to carry and jump with, feels like nothing! And wicked easy to pack. The canopy is smaller than the Hayduke I usually fly and definitely faster. But sinks predictably, super fun and and fast on fronts, and I nice flare that sets you down softly. In short.... STOKED! "

    -Cody Matechuk
  • "Construction: Beautiful job, The brake cascade is a thing of beauty. The stitching all looks perfect. The fabric feels like french lingerie.

    Flight and Flare: I have 175 jumps on the Ibex 250 (100 on Spectra and 75 on Dacron) The UL is not even in the same realm of parachute. I had complained in the past about the lack of toggle responsiveness and i feel that has been addressed completely with the UL. As someone who is super picky about brake line length i was super pleased on that first opening when I released the brakes and tested the stall point, it is was exactly where I want it. Well done on that. The recovery from stall was quick but with a more noticeable surge than the original Ibex. Toggle turns feel very responsive. At 1/2 brakes, the canopy turns pretty flat yet still quick enough. At full deflection the canopy turns almost in place and very quick but at the cost of a large recovery arc. Not a bad thing but something that a pilot needs to be aware of. Brakes stowed rear riser turns felt responsive enough to where I felt this would be the way to fix an off heading if low or near a wall. As a canopy pilot I enjoyed the extra speed that I noticed the UL carries over the Ibex. I had plenty of flare on straight-in approaches. Toggle turn 180’s, stall surge, and front riser dives really make for a sporty swoop landing with a soft touch down. Just as with the CXUL the IBEX UL makes it hard for me to want to fly my other gear."

    -Scott Palmer
  • "After my first trip into the mountains with my new lightweight Ibex.UL and CXUL Im totally in love. All base gear should be made this way! I set my bag down while waiting for friends to catch up on the hike multiple times and each time I lifted my bag to start hiking again I laughed audibly at how light my pack was. I reached down with power to lift my pack and nearly threw it in the air when it was significantly lighter than expected. The container fits absolutely perfectly and the canopy performed exactly as I would have hoped. Buttery smooth opening, followed by intuitive control input and a great energy reserve for flare. The only question is when is it necessary to use full weight gear anymore?"

    -Ben McClure
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