SQAD Riser Set Loops are made from Spectra. The reason we use Spectra is because it is very strong, and our canopy brake setting loops are also made from Spectra. It is important to match the strength and durability between the two materials which interact when packing for slider off jumping.

This is braided line. Over time, with normal use, the Spectra braid will slowly loosen, and begin to show wear.

This photo shows Spectra set loops that have been subjected to normal use. As you can see, the braid is loosened but most of the Spectra yarn fibers are intact:

This Spectra line still retains the vast majority of it's initial strength. This wear is normal, and not yet cause for concern. This loop is entirely safe to jump.

In this photo of the same loops, we can see that a few of the yarn fibers have broken and frayed. It is a small percentage of the total braid in the line. This is normal wear and is not yet cause for concern:

This is a photo of an artificially-worn set loop. We intentionally abraded the line, to demonstrate what a more significant amount of broken yarn fibers looks like. Although this Spectra set loop is still strong enough to jump safely, it is time for a replacement:

When your set loops reach this condition, which in most cases will require at least several hundred slider off jumps, please contact us to arrange for routine maintenance of your rig.

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