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Accessible WS BASE

The CORVID delivers the easy starts, clean pull, and quick toggle access of the original AURA, with the performance and agility of our modern range.

It is for experienced WS BASE jumpers who want to jump short starts and fly technical lines with increased comfort (easy toggle access and a more BASE-friendly arm sweep). In steep terrain, the CORVID is stable. It flies any angle without drama.

This suit is the result of feedback from our team, and requests from our customers. It is the easiest, and friendliest, performance design that we have ever flown.


The new Compression Inlet for the Corvid is taken directly from our race suit line. It is scaled for BASE exits and to provide a more forgiving range of AoAs and body configurations. The compression inlet offers higher intake efficiency and lower drag, and is the result of extensive R&D.


The Corvid Innie-Outie system is improved over previous versions. The chest zipper is more protected from riser movement, for improved durability. The flex panels have improved shaping and are tighter, to prevent scooping.


Don't be fooled by the shallow depth of this nutsack - it actually holds a lot of equipment. The expandable bottom can take much more than a stashbag, and keeps your equipment close to your CG.

Profile Gripper


By extending the wing profile into the gripper, lifting surface is increased without increasing the total surface area of the suit. This means more performance gained from the same amount of surface area – a “free” upgrade.

Super RAD


Easier, and more Rapid, Arm Deployment. A flexible forearm segment at the leading edge allows very easy access to your PC at pull time, and your risers & toggles during opening. BOC access is clean and simple. Riser control is safer and more intuitive.


Lightweight, durable, and more stable than mesh, Porcher Sport Skytex is renowned for its mechanical stability. Helps to reduce overall weight and pack volume.


All of our suits are built to the most exacting specifications, and tested for airtight symmetry in our production facility at multiple points along the construction process.


All of our suits allow you to choose the amount of internal pressure in the arm wings. You can any choose any setting between full pressure for maximum performance and speed range, or minimum pressure for easier maneuvering in acro / freestyle flight.


Designed for Performance or Freestyle flying, the removable airfoil cross section adds glide and speed performance and increases agility and range in any suit that it is added to. More information on leading edge foam.


More pockets! More snack-holes! Every Squirrel wingsuit gets an inside-arm pocket for sunglasses, a phone, your FlySight, or anything you want to hide from the rest of the world.

Massive Leg Wing Pocket

The new leg wing pocket is the full width of the end cell, has zip closure, and is ideal for the stowage of hiking poles, ropes, and other equipment.

Main Surfaces

Main Surfaces

Our main surface fabric is a 210D Rip-stop, with low stretch and an ideal rigidity-to-comfort ratio. Its balance of weight / durability, along with mechanical stability and tear strength, makes it the perfect mid-weight material for wingsuits.

Leading Edge Materials

Leading Edge Dacron

We offer two choices for wing surface Mylar reinforcement:

      1. Porcher Sport (white). Comes standard.
      2. Full GlideSkin. Increases glide performance and is more wrinkle-resistant. This option is recommended.

Internal Ribs

Internal Ribs

All ribs are constructed from lightweight sail cloth, chosen for its ideal stability-to-weight ratio.


Super Sexy Zippers

SQRL wingsuits are constructed with the strongest and highest quality zippers available. Locking YKK 10C zips are used on the main body, harness-interface, and arm sections of every suit we make.



  • Review

    "Just wanted to touch base with you on this Corvid. It starts wonderfully. I don’t have any flysight data to support that statement but the feeling during the start is smooth.

    Also, I reach my toggles in my old “angel” technique from boc to toggles before the slider is down. These are the important things to me in BASE.

    As far as skydiving, it backflies well, and flares forever.

    It seems to me like you’ve got back to Squirrel’s original idea of what a [BASE] wingsuit should be. I bet you’d be stoked if you’d known this suit would come after a shitload of hard work on your end.

    Thanks to the SQ team"

    -Joe Webb
  • Review

    "The Corvid: The start I don't need to think about that... AMAZING! The glide waaaawww I never was able to fly so high. It flies slower but it is fun to discover high lines. If you dive it it is stable and it is not unsafe to do targets with it. The flare is the less than my C3 but the pull is sooo easy. With this one I will make many people surprised when I fly from Sputnik exit alllll the way up to Walenstadtberg (way more right compare to the Bergrestaurant)

    And compared to my other suits:

    The Freak 3: Amazing starts, speed increases very fast, a very good glide for its size, sharp turns, dives the most easy. It has great flare. With this one I will do targets in lines steeper than 60 degrees like my Green dragonline (Instagram last autumn)

    The C3: My baby from last year, it’s a rocket. Speed and glide are higher than Freak 3. The glide is so good (not as good as the Corvid but with more speed) Sharp turns standing 90-100 degrees on my sight in a treegate, left back, throw over for a right slalommove… All accurate like a jetfighter. Two meter above the grass... I trust it more than myself. It looks like my C-race bút with better starts and it can fly slower but speed up in 2sec again to max crazy noise in the ears, 2-3 flares in one flight is easy."

    -Sven Ugau
  • Review

    "This equipment is chosen by Fred Fugen & Vince Reffet, the SoulFlyers / Jet Man Team https://www.soulflyers.com/en/"

    -The SoulFlyers / Jet Man Team
  • Review

    "I am impressed how easy and stable the Corvid can be flown. Since my first Skydive with it I´ve felt really safe in this suit. Every angle is very good to fly and controllable even in low- and mid-speed range. During the flight I get a good feedback in which position/angle I am flying. Controlling the air speed has never been so easy. The Corvid can be easily flared, BOC is easy to find and the suit will stay on heading during the whole pull process with less effort. Some fun maneuvers like a Corkscrew are easy to do and to recover.
    I put around 30 Skydives on it and went on to the BASE environment. The start is such amazing. I am doing solid and fast exits normally, but that start of the Corvid beats all. At the moment I would say with that Wingsuit I am confident to jump every Exit Point if I have to."

    -Philipp Maass
  • Review

    "Stoked so far! The GPS data shows we are starting as quick if not quicker than the A2. It seems really agile in the turns and smooth when I fly it to steeper angles. It also retains the energy really nicely through the flare.

    My initial impressions are that it takes the best characteristics of the A2 (starts and agility) and A3 (glide and flare) and improves upon them.

    I can't wait to take it to some of our more technical jumps!"

    -Pat Walker
  • Review

    "This suit makes the short ‘mini-golf’ flights in Moab fun all over again! I can’t wait to explore the Wasatch Mountains! With the appropriate experience, training, proficiency and currency, the Corvid is an impressively responsible wingsuit for Moab-style flights. Without reservation, the Corvid is emphatically Topgunbase approved! Low wingsweep allows for confident and consistent start arcs that rival the A2!

    It's super fast!
    Easy to capture and maintain speed on max-glide profiles.
    Flares for days

    If you’re comfortable flying the Aura family, this suit is intuitive as f*ck! Super light wing-pressurization at pull time. Does not feel like you’re shutting down a race suit prior to pitch. Perfect for assertive, confident, no-delay pulls when it’s time to shut down your ride.

    Super light on the arms for full skydiving days.
    Full-spectrum, easy fun XRW range
    Comfortable, sure-footed ‘tailored suit’ feel when zipped up on exit… doesn’t feel restrictive or clumsy.
    Really like the long inside-calf zipper pockets for trekking poles! Drop in poles, zip, jump! Never even feel the poles inside… (that’s what she said!)
    Nimble and intuitive for dynamic skydiving, yet deep power band for long, fast base lines.
    Rock solid stability in steep turning dives

    When used responsibly, Corvid flights may result in increased exit confidence, increased short-start consistency, and higher pulls. The Corvid is not a magic carpet. Results may vary based on training regimen, progression maturity, and willingness to walk down. Do not exceed doctor’s recommendations as prescribed in the Corvid user manual. Side effects may include increased libido, chest pounding and sexual performance. Please consult your doctor if grins last for more than 4 hours."

    -Richard Webb
  • Review

    "In BASE, having the right tool for the job is important. The corvid is the perfect tool for short starts, and for jumpers who prioritize ease of use in BASE. For me it's the perfect tool to open technical new jumps, and I think a lot of people will love this suit for how much it increases margin at every part of the jump from exit to deployment. The start is easy, the glide performance is awesome, the pull is clean, and you can reach toggles without unzipping.

    And overall it's easy to fly. If pilots approach their wingsuit BASE jumping progression with caution and educated steps, this is the suit for technical jumps and lines."

    -Scotty Bob
  • Review

    "The Corvid is a new design specifically for wingsuit base. There are lots of possible ways to fly on a wingsuit base jump. There are many wingsuit designs, each built for a particular flying style, but the mountains have their own set of rules. The Corvid was designed around these rules.

    In the Squirrel range the Corvid is comparable to the A3 in glide (top of the line glide performance) and comparable to the A2 in the start (very easy start).

    The start performance of a suit is of paramount importance. On many base jumps, even a few meters lower in the start means the pilot will have to fly a longer line to maintain the same margin with the terrain. When this happens, the number of possible flight paths shrink as well as the number of exit points that can be jumped safely.

    The Corvid is much more forgiving in the start, even with sub-optimal technique or conditions, it is very consistent. Because the beginning of the start is more reliable, the pilot can choose a shorter line and fly in better wind (close in and up high on the wall or on the ridge lines) gaining a huge advantage on other suits. Because the speed to fly in lifting air is slower and the low end of the speed range is easier to fly, it gains even more of an advantage when flying in lifting air. These advantages stack on top of each other magnifying the relatively small effect of design changes converting them to increased altitude and safety margin where it is needed most. The main thing that separates the best wingsuit base jumping pilots is their ability to use the mountain and conditions to their advantage. The Corvid makes doing that just a little bit easier."

    -Hartman Rector
  • Review

    "I don’t even need to talk about construction. Simply the best built wingsuits in the world. Fit and Function: I was measured by Taz for this suit. Overall the fit feels perfect, I would also say the same of my Freak 3. I have been jumping with the black foam while in Moab since we pull with less margin here than I am used to, so I like to be able to grab the toggles while still zipped (it is kinda hard though). The suit starts less steep than compared to my Freak 3 and Aura 3 yet still has the ability to dive hard. I feel like it is quite stable and have had no problems getting it to 130 MPH on a 1900' jump. I am excited to collect data on what this suit is capable of. I just got a flysight and plan to go full nerd, well maybe not Hartman level nerd.

    I ended up with an overall weight savings of 3 lbs: CorvidUL, Ibex UL250, CXUL is 14.7lbs. I am very happy with the gear. I have a safer, better handling and more comfortable set up. Perfect for the type of jumps i enjoy. "

    -Scott Palmer
  • Review

    "My thoughts on the Corvid:

    I am blown away by this suit, it is as easy and intuitive to fly as the Freak 2 and feels extremely comfortable on exit. I was able to fly the same line I had previously flown, only significantly faster and further. I even pulled higher!

    Pull time was zero stress and I had my hands on my toggles before I was even unzipped. The hiking pole pockets are a great addition. And last but not least, the snack pocket is bigger. And safer! No more accidentally dropping snacks. I think this is called love at first flight."

  • Review

    "This suit is UNREAL !! Pushed off and felt right at home as soon as it inflated. Kept flying really conservative but the stability was absolutely amazing !!! Easy to fly, easy pull, easy glide. I watched my flight partner from 100m above hahaha (he s flying a freak2)

    Even with not doing much I kept a 2.5 ratio easily and I had a 190m start.

    The fit is perfect and I cant wait to continue diacovering the capabilities of the Corvid.

    Amazing job guys Im gonna propaganda that shit to everyone. "

    -Yvan Pec
  • Review

    "He squirrel team

    First of all I would like to say thank you that the wingsuit has finally come. The Corvid fits me very very well, from the fly of the suit, I am absolutely thrilled, just the madness, now I have 4 jumps from Via and high Nose made in Lauterbrunnen, just great, the start - if you realize after 1-2 sec, something goes forward, the fly - you fly so calm and so easy, the pull super easy, so I'm absolutely thrilled and can recommend the Corvid only anyone who Wingsuit base.

    I notice that it is a bit slower, I have before the CR+ jumped (about 350 ws Base) but then I have to get used to it and train. But many thanks for this awesome wingsuit"


    -Thor Mieglitz
  • Review

    "I've prepared myself for 2 years for this incredible dream jump: Pedra da Gávea (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)!

    There was no doubt that Corvid is the ideal wing for this jump! Good exit, easy to fly, good flare and a very clean and easy pull! I have no doubt that this will be my wing for the next years!!

    Many Thanks,"

    -Rick "Sagui"
  • Review

    "I seriously feel like it was made “for me”. It’s exactly what I’ve been wanting. It’s easy to fly at any angle and..... like the rest of the Squirrel line feeling very naturally similar in important ways, the suit flys so much like a Freak (only with more power and speed and range) that....to rage on a Freak at a DZ and skydive the Corvid occasionally will still absolutely apply to flying the Corvid in the mountains. The crossover is obvious and so beneficial. Although.... the Corvid is pretty god damn fun to skydive too;-)"

    -Jeff Shapiro
  • Review

    "Today I did my first jump on my Corvid. It was at Gavea of course. I have to share with you that this is for sure the best suit I have ever flew in my life for those kind of jumps. I use to test all my wingsuits there because I feel comfortable at that exit but mainly because after 325 jumps at Gavea I have a lot of check points to compare my flights. Well, now I lost it all. The Corvid flew over all the check points I have used so far. I mean OVER! I couldn't even see the marks on the wall I use to fly by. I have used ___ and ____ suits there before (big suits), and nothing compares. Thank you and congratulations for this incredible work."

    -Gabriel Lott
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