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A5 vs CORVID 2


Since 2019 the CORVID has become a favorite among jumpers who were pushing the limits of what is possible in the short-start realm, and also among intermediate WS BASE jumpers who seek easy starts and general ease of use in a "big" suit. The CORVID 2 continues with this exact philosophy: it delivers the shortest possible start arc while still being fun to fly, with great BOC and Toggle / Riser access for low-stress openings. If you aren’t familiar with the origin of the suit, then read this: https://squirrel.ws/nerds. The CORVID series is for our friends who feel the AURA series is a bit too “racy” for a lot of the new-school jumps being opened in places like Moab, the Wasatch, and other areas of the US Southwest. It remains an excellent intermediate WS BASE suit for jumpers in all locations.

The AURA 5:

How similar is the A5 to the CORVID 2? Like its predecessor, the A5 is larger in surface & higher in performance compared to the CORVID series, and it is designed for big mountain flying. It has more surface area than the CORVID 1 or 2, and this changes the character of the suit.

The AURA 4

When choosing any wingsuit, consider these three things*:

  1. What is my current experience?
  2. What are my priorities?
  3. In what locations do I jump?
Your Experience You already have WS BASE experience in something similar to the ATC or FREAK series. You have several seasons of WS BASE under your belt in suits at least as large as the FREAK series.
Your Priorities You want an easy start, either because you appreciate extra margin or you’re moving on from the most classic jumps. You want the easiest possible BOC and toggle / riser access. Maximum speed, glide, and flare-power for long and aggressive lines of flight. You are scoping big lines on big mountains.
Your Jump Locations You need a 4x4. Either because, as above, you’re progressing into more technical jumping and you want more margin, or because you really need the margin for locations like Moab, the Wasatch, etc. The biggest flights in the Alps. You’re venturing into jumps with long & steep lines, or distant landing zones.

*Please note that these questions are not asking about future goals, or long term plans. Get the wingsuit you are ready for now, not the wingsuit you dream to fly in the future. Your current experience is all that matters!

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