2018: New Wingsuits and BASE Gear

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Swift 3: The latest evolution in the Swift series retains all of the ease of use of the previous versions, with some small efficiency-improving design changes that make for "free" performance upgrades. The surface area, stance, and sweep, remain unchanged. What is new is the leading edge construction, inlets, and profile, all of which are tuned for improved performance without any change to the comfort and usability of the suit.

Funk 3: This is a completely new design, developed from the ground up in collaboration with our new design team member, Stephan "Zun" Zunino. The F3 offers significantly improved performance and speed on belly and back, a more agile feeling in transitions and maneuvers, and a wider speed range. It's the funnest and most versatile gripperless design we have ever flown!

Güs: Meet Güs! A mini-Funk, for pilots who want to start their flying career with a gripperless design or anyone who wants to fly a beginner category gripperless suit. Güs has all of the same awesome features included in the F3 - the only differences is a reduced arm wing surface area, and a slightly narrower stance.

BASE Equipment:

Hayduke: Highlights here, and full video here. Hayduke does it all - it's light, it's low, it's efficient, yet it can fly slow! Try this canopy, we think you will agree that it does… everything.

SuperCustom Containers are here: All containers can now be ordered in SuperCustom and SuperDuperCustom printing. If you have your own art that you want to add to your order, contact us and we'll help make it happen. If you want to customize it yourself, select the SuperCustom option on the order page and go to town!