Alexey Wins TS Performance Cup in Z-Hills, Again

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The 5th annual Tony Suits Performance Cup has wrapped up in Z-Hills, Florida, with Alexey Galda and Kristian Szczepitko in first and second overall. Both flew their CR+. Travis Mickle of Tony Suits finished third, helped by his always-impressive speed task results. Alexey also took first in the 2017 event – congrats again, Alexey! And nice work, Kristian!

Alexey reports:

“It was a very strong competition (it is the only GPS Performance competition held in the US in 2018, aside from the US Nationals). Many pilots traveled from abroad, including five excellent pilots from Russia and Europe and three from Canada. Kristian took the lead early in the competition. Then Travis posted his 100% in the Speed task, and pulled ahead. Kristian then reclaimed his 1st position after the first Time run, and led the comp after the first 3 (out of 6) jumps, with myself in 2nd and Travis in 3rd place. I started the 2nd round feeling more current and finished the competition with an 89 second time run, giving me a 5% lead over Kristian for the final results.” (full results here)