Chris and Luke win at 2018 Australian Nationals

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Congrats to Chris Geiler and our muscle-bro, Luke Rogers, who took 1st and 2nd overall at Australian Nationals. Chris and Luke maintained an impressive points lead over the rest of the field, with Chris finishing nearly 40 points(!) ahead of the 3rd overall competitor, and more than 50 points ahead of the Nationals bronze medalist. Chris and Luke both flew their CR+.

Special mention goes to Stephen Arkwright, who finished just a few points off of the Nationals bronze podium place in his first performance comp, flying a borrowed two year old CR+… not bad at all mate.

Full Australian Nationals results. Check out the points spread, and note that Chris Geiler, an Australian man, is scored as an American due to FAI regs, making Luke Rogers 2018 Australian National Champ. Congrats to Luke, and to all who competed!

Cheers, from all the Team.