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Baffin Island BASE

  • Squirrel News - Baffin Island BASE

A few of our friends visited Baffin this year. Here are some choice lines from SQRL team pilot, Simon Wandeler.

It looks fun, eh? Yes, we know. But, Baffin is without question the gnarliest place we have ever been for BASE jumping, or for anything. Per number of jumps made, it is the deadliest location in BASE. It is cold, in a way that the word “cold” cannot describe. It is remote and desolate in ways that defy comprehension. And it is unforgiving in a manner that even those familiar with the finality and brutality of our sport cannot know until it is experienced. Whether you see it as a paradise, a pinnacle, a goal, or a dream, these lines are sure to inspire. Thanks to Simon for sharing his footage. Full credits at end of clip.


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