Squirrel Pilots Sweep WOWS Events in Italy & Denmark

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Photo by: Søren Nibak

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The 2018 WOWS European Series took place at Skydive Fano in Italy, and FDK, Denmark. Squirrel pilots swept the podium for Speed and Distance at both events.

In Italy, newcomers took first place: Niccolo Porcella and Ulf Munkedal won Distance and Speed, respectively, followed by Chris Geiler who took second in both flying his C3, an impressive result for that suit! Third place went to the Joes: J Edward Likierman in Distance and Joe Ridler in Speed.

Italy - Distance:

  • Niccolo Porcella, C-RACE
  • Chris Geiler, C3
  • Joseph Likierman, CR+

Italy - Speed:

  • Ulf Munkedal, CR+
  • Chris Geiler, C3
  • Joe Ridler, CR+

Our friend, Alexey Galda, took first in the speed and distance events in Denmark. In his words:

“The semis and finals for both Distance and Speed were incredibly intense, exciting, and super-close! Honestly, it felt almost as intense as the 2nd Championships: Espen was amazing as always, Ulf is a speed machine, and Dennis Ohlson is a very talented and determined pilot who has been improving super-fast! Very safe and well-run competition, Joe did a great job keeping everything together and finishing with one day to spare.”

Denmark - Speed:

  • Alexey Galda, CR+
  • Ulf Munhkedal, CR+
  • Dennis Ohlson, CR+

Denmark - Distance:

  • Alexey Galda, CR+
  • Espen Fadness, CR+
  • Dennis Ohlson, CR+

Full results will be up soon at http://wingsuitrace.org/