Danish Nationals 2020

Ulf Wins Again At 2020 Danish Nationals

The Danish performance scene remains strong, with a well-attended National event, even in the time of the ‘Rona 2020. Ulf Munkedal once again is champion, flying his CR+. He says of his 2020 version:

“The new CR+ has been easy for me to get flying. It’s my 5th CR+ so I can’t say how much it’s me getting to know the general CR+ style feeling by now - but the suit immediately felt instinctive for me to fly. I took it straight into competition and it flew and performed predictably. It’s certainly easier for me to fly time in than the 2019 model.” He was joined on the podium by Remi Damgaard in 2nd, also flying the CR+.

Full results: https://skyderby.ru/events/173