SQRL Production Update

It’s been a crazy year, or so, for everyone. Through the pandemic, we saw demand for skydiving and BASE equipment decline for only a brief moment last year as the world contracted in uncertainty. Manufacturers of the materials we use shut down their production, and many dropzones were forced to close. At SQRL, we kept our staff and production going through the worst of it and never ceased operation. Then, in the summer of 2020 the skydiving and BASE world roared back to life -- and we haven’t looked back.

This summer all of us at SQRL, including our production staff, got vaccinated. We’ve been eager to move on to the new normal, whatever that is. For now, it appears that the new normal is continued supply chain drama and new constraints on our production. What this means is much longer than normal delays for all of our products.

In the coming weeks, equipment will continue to ship but at a slower pace than normal. The situation is evolving day to day, and we ask for your patience as we navigate the challenges. While our company is dynamic and flexible in some ways, our commitment to precision in our wingsuits and freefall equipment means that we must accept longer delays to ensure that we only produce gear that is up to our standard. We hope that our customers, also, will understand this.

Development, as always, continues. Our 2022 suit lineup is strong, with some exciting new products in final prototyping now. And our parachute lineup will be better than ever. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience and continued support!

Cheers from the whole SQRL Team. We’ll see you up there.