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  • Squirrel News - DYNAMIC FORMATIONS

We mostly jump the Freak series of suits, it’s just what we spend the most time in. This year we worked on the development of the 2020 C-Race and were reminded of how powerful and fun this suit really is – it’s almost like a different sport. The amount of flare, the speed, and the overwhelming sense of power in the C-Race makes it surprisingly different from the normal everyday flying that we tend to do. So we decided to create new formations based on the capabilities of the C-Race. Altitude-gaining flares, 180 degree turns, long dives, corkscrews, etc. Stuff that is only possible in a suit like this. These were some of the most exciting jumps we have ever done and we hope that at least a small part of that excitement comes through in this video. Some of us wore a Flysight for a few of the jumps, which is where the on-screen speed (total GPS speed is shown, not horizontal or vertical speed, as “total” is the closest equivalent to airspeed) and track comes from.


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