SQRL Pilots Sweep 2020 French Championships

The 2020 French National Championships have come to a close, with the top 5 pilots in the event all flying SQRL. Congratulations to Max Diebold, who took first overall by a comfortable margin flying his 2020 CR+. He was joined on the podium by Flavien Mazzon and Matthieu Brossard. Antony Jarry and Olivier Basset completed the top five sweep, both flying the SQRL C-Race. SQRL Co-designer, Stephan Zunino, made it into the top 8 flying his Freak 3. The Intermediate Category was won by Josselin Danjoie and Gael Leblanc (2nd), both flying the Swift 3. In Max’s words:

“We had the perfect event. Full blue sky for 3 days, lots of competitors, awesome pilot, zero cutaways. There was huge positive feedback with lots of interest from people in the performance format.”

Congrats to everyone at the event, and thanks to all of the organizers who managed to make this happen in difficult times.

Photos courtesy of the FFP.