Chris & Luke Win 2021 Australian Nationals

SQRL Team Pilot, Chris Byrnes, reports: “Due to covid travel restrictions, the first Virtual Australian Skydiving Nationals were held in 2021. Competitors competed all around the country, and results were judged remotely. Aleksandr Kunin from Skyderby was an awesome help in allowing us to wind correct the wingsuit performance scores and collate the scores into a National leaderboard. I flew the 2020 CR+ which is an absolute weapon! So much power is accessible without being too physically demanding. I really noticed this during the time rounds. I was able to get two 90 second plus runs. I still only have 10 jumps on the suit, looking forward to dialing it in more. I had a tight battle with my Australian wingsuit team mate and fellow SQRL team pilot, Luke Rogers. However I came away with Gold for the 3rd time in a row!”

Congrats Chris and Luke, we fkn love you guys!

Eight out of the top ten pilots flew SQRL. Full results: https://skyderby.ru/competition_series/1