NEW FOR 2022

NEW FOR 2022

The Covid years were great for R&D here at SQRL. Over the past two years we have been able to focus even more intently on product development and in 2022 we are releasing a few exciting new products. Check out our latest newsletter for more info. Cheers from all the SQRL Team, and thanks for your continued support!


CREATURE: When we did the DYNAMIC FORMATIONS (watch this if you haven’t yet!) project in 2020, we used the C-Race. We realized that what we really wanted was C-Race / Freak blend for these large dynamic movements. The CREATURE is the answer. It does not replace the Freak, or the C-Race. It fits between them, with a semi-symmetric profile (not as symmetric as the Freak, not as asymmetric as the C-Race), low-drag backfly inlets, and C-Race surface area. It’s a beast. For Freak pilots who want a more advanced and higher performance freestyle suit, and for experienced pilots who are on the heavier side and want a freestyle suit. Or, for anyone who wants to fly freestyle and dynamic moves and have more range than their friends in Freaks (and just about anything else).

AURA 5: Pre-orders open now. Here we are, on the eve of the AURA series 10th birthday! Time is fun when you’re flying by. The A5 has been updated with the MonoChamber which improves start behavior and the top speed is now higher thanks to the associated drag reduction. The handling is more agile, and initial feedback is that overall it’s more intuitive to fly with the widest speed range of any previous Aura. Note: A5 is still Pre-Order only.

CORVID 2: Building on the success of the Corvid, this new version is updated with the MonoChamber, a new wing profile, and slightly more surface area in the arm wing only. It has the same easy start, comfortable pull, and is definitely the easiest “big suit” on the market. Perfect for WS BASE jumpers with some experience who want to level-up, or anyone who is focused on short starts and highly BASE-friendly characteristics. Now available to order.

LOW-KI: Efficient acro performance. This suit replaced the Funk series. The Low-Ki is like a low-key god of chaos (Loki). It’s capable of savage things, but very easy to fly. It’s efficient and agile, allowing you to do popular acro maneuvers at a flatter glide angle. And it’s balanced, delivering strikingly similar performance on back and belly. If you fit into the beginner-intermediate acro category, this suit will take you the furthest… by a lot.

GLIDER: If you are an expert WS BASE jumper who is obsessed with glide performance, then read on. Everyone else, skip ahead because this suit is not for you.

The GLIDER’s mission is distance. With published evidence of class-leading glide and start-arc, this suit is developed for long BASE lines. It fits in between the Corvid 2 and the CR+ in our range, and is for experienced BASE jumpers only… and only those who are intensely focused on glide. Everyone else, please look elsewhere.

HAYDUKE 2: Pre-Orders will open in spring of 2022. We expect the first HD2s to ship in summer. A lot has happened since 2017 when the original Hayduke launched. In that time, we conducted a two year study on BASE malfunctions using survey data from 540+ jumpers with a total of over 260,000 BASE jumps. That survey informed a year of focused test jumping which simultaneously informed the Hayduke 2 development. Three years later, we’re excited to share the result with you. The core design tenets remain: best-in-class deep brake performance, excellent glide, and reliable flare power. The design changes, and new features, will be revealed when the HD2 launches this year.

5-Lite: Pre-Orders will open in spring of 2022. We expect the first 5-Lites to ship in summer. This is a fascinating new canopy that was born from a two year reliability R&D project and our work for the US DoD. It is a highly reliable 5-cell design with the lowest pack volume and weight of any square parachute available. For example, the 240 size pack volume is equivalent to a ZP 150. The glide performance and flare are on par with a typical 7-cell BASE canopy. What does it all mean? If you want something light, low pack volume, and highly reliable, this could be the answer. The 5-Lite will initially only be available in slider-up version. We look forward to seeing what our friends get up to with this exciting new wing.